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Rowan Blair Colver
4 min readJun 28, 2021
Lucid Leadership by Rowan B Colver

Leadership Is About Bringing Solutions

Helping people find the best solutions to their needs and desires at the right cost is what good marketing is all about. Services and producers both need to position their business in the right marketplace. If you offer someone roofing and they live in a tower block, they won’t be contented. The same goes for cost, effective marketing provides services and goods at the price customers can and expect to pay.

The Internal Conflict

We all have natural barriers to new things, even if it’s actually something we want. We often literally have to stop a person in the street and motivate them to listen to what we have to say, even if they have a sign around their neck telling everyone they want what you have to offer. Stranger danger and habitual patterns need to be addressed with positioning. We can’t stop people as they walk by all the time, we need to think of other ways to communicate our business.

Emotional Reasoning

Customers like you and me make purchases based on emotions. We choose the brand that feels best for us, and all kinds of factors play into what makes this so. Cost is the main issue for a lot of people, but not everyone. If it’s a loaf of bread then we can all stretch to the whole range, if it’s a car then it’s not possible for everyone to consider them all. The way a product is placed in the marketplace plays another important role. Who are your ideal customers and why should they choose you? Our job is to make these people happy. If they’re happy, they’ll be willing to buy, recommend, and review. Loyal customers are found when the entire experience is a rewarding one. This makes the handing over of payment as painless as possible.

Involve The People Who Matter Most

How can we market our product or service to the right people? It’s important to listen to what people have to say. Unless you are marketing to yourself, your crowd will be different to you. We’re all different and we generally behave to trends. We need to know what people are already thinking before they see our offer. It’s important to associate yourself with something people feel good about and they can be happy to be seen with.

Stand Out And Be Different

A truly creative approach will look at the scene as it stands and the product on offer, then decide how to bridge the gap. The flagship customer who is exactly who you work for will have certain ideas and feelings about the world. You need to relate to these with the way you communicate your offering. This can be done in subtle and obvious ways. Subconsciously we pick up on all kinds of cues that inform us about the broader scope of what we’re experiencing. By aligning the two we can give the mind a really clear impression of what we are all about. If we get it wrong, a mixed message can stain our public image.

Why Are You Here?

Communicating the value of your business to your customers has to accommodate their entire need-set. So you have a primary function, the basic thing you do, but the secondary function is what really sells your offer. Think about a fashion brand, for example, people pay more to wear the logo and for them, it’s a good deal. If they can go out and be seen wearing a particular brand, it helps them feel more confident and empowered. This brand power can be delivered across any market with any product. It’s all about how well you communicate your image and how well you match the needs and desires of your market.

Be Brave, It’s Your Job

Creating new and interesting ways to communicate to your market requires an inventive mindset. You know what needs to be done and you have the technology to do it. You need to find a way of reaching people that will get attention. It’s not possible to dress up in costume and put on a show every day to demonstrate the benefits of your business, and traditional advertising is notoriously pricey. If you can deliver a good message in a way that people will be interested in experiencing, then you’ll find the right people walking in.

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