Quickly Enter The Litecoin Market For Free With These Sites

Rowan Blair Colver
3 min readOct 28, 2021

If you don’t have any cryptocurrency and you don’t want to buy any, there’s still room on the train. Over the past year, I have tried and tested dozens of free cryptocurrency sites. It’s surprising how many there are. You likely have seen ads and not been sure or been baffled by their claims of strange letters and percentages that point to dollar signs. A lot of them work, a few are not worth the effort, and sometimes they refuse to pay. There are a couple of brilliant no-frills and efficiently paying sites that I use regularly for making free Litecoin.

These are:

Free Litecoin is a lottery-style faucet website that rewards small to significant amounts every hour. It’s funded by adverts that show in the corner (which you are safe to ignore). Once you begin using this site, you’ll find that when you have 0.05 Litecoin you’re entitled to 10% annual interest paid daily on a compound basis. The faucet will payout in regular small amounts unless you’re one of the lucky ones, so how can you accumulate extra?

You can access Faucet Crypto. This website also offers Litecoin as part of a menu of coins available to withdraw on a daily basis. You collect Coins from their site by viewing ads, filling out questions, and completing a daily login. You can do as much or as little as you want. These accumulated Coins can be exchanged for cryptocurrency. If you choose Litecoin every time, you’ll add your balance up to 0.05 in a short time. A handy tip with Faucet Crypto is to withdraw as less often as possible. This is because they have a 50 Coin fee for withdrawal and so if you withdraw the minimum each time, you’ll pay more in fees. Sometimes their currency is temporarily empty, this is to be expected and they are totally transparent about it. You’re free to choose another swap or just wait a few days until the counter is back up again.

Once you have your free wallet with Free Litecoin and have begun using their free faucet on an hourly basis or however often you want, plus making use of the generous system on Faucet Crypto, you’ll be taking up that magic number 0.05 in less time than you may think. And why stop there, once you’re climbing with 10% interest, the sky is the limit. You don’t need to save as much as 0.05 Litecoin to withdraw, there’s a small fee and a small minimum you’ll easily attain with both sites. Not bad for free assets.

  • *Update — You can get even more Litecoin by recycling your unused bandwidth. All you need is a connection and unused data. Find out more.

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