It’s Not About You It’s About Those You Serve — Intrapersonal Leadership Explained

Lucid Leadership by Rowan B. Colver

When you’re in charge of something, a manager, an authority, or some other form of societal superior, it can be difficult to relate to others. Those who are around you are not like you most of the time. For a lot of people, this looks a lot like privilege.

If we forget that we might appear lucky or as some kind of lottery winner to be where we are, others can feel resentment and non-interest according to their mood. This comes out in lots of ways. It can be a lot easier for people to pretend to themselves that you have none than accept the facts, especially if they know you personally. We must remember that . If we understand that . This means we have to make everything about the other person.

You matter, sure you do, but you’ve got your biscuit. They want theirs. It can be hard to see things in this way if those around you have a lot of things that you don’t have and are working to obtain. Sometimes, they have plenty of biscuits already. . When we forget to adjust our energy to , we can end up creating disengagement and dropping out. The .

This is not just your little story, everyone who comes through the door is a part of it too. Your job then is to include the whole with the journey. . The planning and steps to success that you aim to take are best when they . Involving others in this personal journey will assist them in their own. . The story needs to be clear, the to those you include and work for.

Make it easy for them with facilitation leadership: Leadership, the 10 faces of the leader — Facilitator Role



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Rowan Blair Colver

Music writer and humanities educator from Sheffield in England. Democracy of philosophy, comments are welcome.