How To Garner Genuine Authority In Your Chosen Area

Rowan Blair Colver
4 min readApr 25, 2022


Lucid Leadership by Rowan B. Colver

Leadership Is Authority Earned

Leadership comes naturally to people who have an inventive character and the courage to test and implement good ideas. It’s what keeps progress in motion and with every new opportunity created and every new concept defined, a new aspect of the human journey opens out for all of us. This is vital work, often unrewarded, and necessary nonetheless. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, remember the place you are in and plan for the place you want to be. In order to fulfil the leadership role to the best degree, we need to establish a clear line of communication and development that fortifies genuine authority in our given area.

Authority In Sales

When choosing a leader, a brand, or a service, we look for one that offers the best return on our pay and energy. How many hours of our time working are going towards the thing we are paying for? How much of our free time is being taken up with this relationship? Clearly, we naturally gravitate towards the option that we consider the most valuable and rewarding. The brands that offer valuable expertise and effort on their options are the ones that are most likely to hold the most authority. When a person or a company knows their subject well and is able to understand individual concerns and demands productively, the service is the best available.

How Do We Create Authority?

Authority comes in many forms, and when in the world of brands and business it concerns several related factors. The way we think about things is defined by the messages and schemas presented by those with authority on the subject. We are continually defining aspects of our lives based on the way they are presented to us by media, marketing, and education, which are the major ways we receive new information. To become part of the authority in this area, we need to provide a service that feeds into this global image. This can be done in a number of ways, the more we achieve the more authority we can potentially create.

Become The Teacher

The best way to communicate that we genuinely know what we are talking about is to offer valuable information that people can realistically use. In this way, we can prove to those who may be unsure that we are capable of handling the service they are looking for. Taking time to learn the new information that continually gets published is, therefore, a major part of the process. In the time it takes for us to learn and communicate something new there will be novel information waiting for us. Being able to distinguish between the valuable, the interesting, and the non-relevant is going to be something to learn too.

Public Communication

It’s not going to be enough to be a teacher to one or two people, what you need is a way of mass communicating your expertise that reaches a maximum yield of potential customers. In this way, we can offer valuable new information based on our own expert learning and promote our brand at once so that we get genuine connections from those who found our communication useful and interesting.

Collaboration And Cooperation

In fantasy novels and computer games, it’s just the one character who gets the story. We have the singular hero and the entire process is about how this one individual conquers the foe and reaches the end. In the real world, we have to remember that everyone is the hero of their own story. The ending of their story is just as valuable as the ending to yours. So we can either stand in each other’s way or we can stand side to side. A leader who understands their given area will bring a unique set of skills to the table, if we can appreciate this then people become even more empowered by our own input.

Conflict Resolution

It’s perhaps one of the most uncomfortable parts of normal life. Social conflict can be a source of misery and stress when poorly managed. It requires a cooperative attitude from all affected parties to resolve conflicts fairly with each member willing to shoulder some of the burdens of responsibility. When we lead by example in conflict resolution, we can show that we are willing to take some of that burden for the good of the group. When we offer a cool and configured response to the argument we enable the conversation to progress into well-lit circumstances. Defusing tension can help other involved parties to begin letting down their defences. Candour and consideration are needed from all, be the first to show it.

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