How Leaders Use Negative Feedback To Improve And Then Persuade The Pyrrhonists

Lucid Leadership by Rowan B. Colver

If a leader wants to stand a chance of pulling a team together or gaining someone’s investment of time or money in their project they need to be able to reach beyond objections. We might naturally feel obliged to pull back and move on at the first sign of friction someone shows. However, . We need to . The words they use and the gestures that accompany them, the types of concerns they have in any given area, and the level of importance they ascribe to them all tell a story of we want to give them and in particular, we need to pass on. Listing all the features of our product or idea is likely to bore people so if we can be given , we know what to prioritise.

If we can make the objections the subject of a conversation of our service. , make notes if you like, it’s a good idea to . Reflect the words back and make gestures to in their continuing. It might be absolutely clear to you that everything they are saying their concerns are nothing to worry about. You never know what they’re thinking until you ask. There might be occasions where .

There will be j from being realistic. Perhaps a simple bit of paperwork will satisfy their concerns or an that can be easily provided will settle their concerns. will help leaders to build on objections and change someone’s mind. Sometimes we can use and make verbal assurances that this is . Sometimes concerns might be voiced in such a way that can’t be defined precisely, a lot of people have wide-ranging thoughts and then try to articulate them in a few words. We can go back to and see if we can identify what they mean. that can be done.

So you lost that one. That’s OK. Hopefully, you had a long and productive conversation about what they didn’t like. . This is material and you can begin using it straight away.. We want to know what people see even if it’s wrong because . Listening, learning, and leading through people’s concerns will. Ultimately, we learn the most about what to do next when what we did before is talked about a lot.



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Rowan Blair Colver

Music writer and humanities educator from Sheffield in England. Democracy of philosophy, comments are welcome.