Find Wholesome Growth With Holistic Leadership In The Five Dimensions Of Direction

Rowan Blair Colver
4 min readOct 19, 2020


Lucid Leadership by Rowan B. Colver

Leadership is Multidimensional

When we’re taking ourselves, our family, friends, and/or colleagues through a series of events, often we can become focused on just that one thing. Whether it’s a daily routine or a special exercise or experience, our dominant thought is the primary job at hand. Our lives are not one-dimensional and we have a multitude of directions that we all travel in during the passing days. Here we will simplify this into five dimensions of life that each requires a leadership mentality in order to fully complement. Taking a holistic approach through these directions can maximize our prosperity. If we go aimlessly into any of these areas of life then the effect is on the entire outlook, not just where we don’t focus on. Because of this, many people have lingering issues in their lives that they cannot seem to directly resolve.


The environment you live and work in is the key aspect of how well things will go. This is a natural situation, physical and mental health is a direct factor in the environment. We need to take in healthy nourishment both physically and mentally. Diet and lifestyle come first, then the safety of security and comfort. Eating well, living well, and having the means to do so is surely the most important thing for any person or group. An oppressive or uncertain environment is not good for productivity or growth. Unhealthy habits and diets can and will prevent the optimum power of your body and mind from being established. These things are a priority, and yet what do we do with this secure and comfortable life when it’s there?

Seeking Experience

Life is what you make of it, right? So we want to make the most of it. Getting out there and doing things, trying new things, and getting skilled at the same things you like is surely what we are mainly here to do. Why have a conscious experience at all, when we know life can pretty much carry on without it? Does it make us more successful at propagation? To many, it seems that there was a different reason to develop the conscious experience and that is to make the most of it. Life is full of options, and many of them are open for you to explore right now. Get out there and do something you will always remember.

Learn and Teach

Learning new skills is what happens when we apply ourselves to experiences in methodical and regular ways. Also, we are all in this together and there have been people who have walked in ways very similar to yours. These people often realise that the right thing to do is to explain their experience and learning to others. We all learn from somewhere. This doesn’t mean we take it upon ourselves to explain everything to people, that’s annoying, but like this post — a document that has a genuine purpose and is appropriately titled properly can be accessed by anyone who looks. Teaching what we know isn’t just helpful for people who also want to know, it helps us as individuals to master our skills even more. By thinking about what we know and putting it into terms other people can understand, we build even more connections that reinforce our wisdom.

Friends and Colleagues

Hey, wake up! It’s not just about you. Everyone else is here as well and they have just as much of an experience of the world as you. And what’s more, it’s impossible for it to be the same as yours. This means we are all different. From the way our brain is made to the types of people we were inspired by as children, everything we have gone through so far has built a unique individual. This means that we all have different ideas and desires. We have to be free to explore these unique characteristics as a whole, so we consolidate our direction into something everyone is going to benefit from. This means we have to listen to what other people are saying and work towards goals that they want. By pulling our weight as one team we remain as a unit. By listening and respecting each other’s priorities we can get the most out of the entire group. We all feel more able to help others when we are more comfortable in where we stand.

Next Year, Next Ten Years

Do you know where you are going? We don’t want to get old having not done anything with our lives. If we manufacture long and medium-term plans then our lives will have a larger sense of purpose. By sticking to these plans, we build our character and improve our lifestyle. What do you want out of life, what little steps can you take now that means you can be closer to your goal as the years go by? Putting in the work to implement our plans is of course important, and so is having a realistic and structured ladder that you are able to climb. Mistakes can be made by reaching too high, climbing too fast, or not climbing at all, so we have to be measured and realistic. The seemingly impossible height can be climbed one step at a time.

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