Building A Viable Dream Of The Future

Rowan Blair Colver
4 min readNov 2, 2020


Lucid Leadership by Rowan B Colver

There Are Dreamers And There Are Doers

Leadership is about making the future happen. It requires us to adapt and alter ourselves and our processes in order to bring about the best foreseeable result. We all likely dream of financial liberation and enjoyable work, once we have those things then everything else would fit into place, right? Well not quite. We have to fit things into place before we get to where we need to be. To cross the river we have to build a bridge. So let’s look at what we can do today that will mean in the future there will be a bridge we can walk over.

Happiness Is Freedom

Happiness is key. What makes you happy? Try to let go of your virtue signals and honour opinions, we’re not here to impress or blindly follow in the footsteps of our parents, we’re here to make the most out of our own life. Boil down your story and figure out what holds it together, what is it about life that satisfies you the most? This is the best foundation stone you can possibly build on.

Using this understanding of your happiness, try to unify this concept with your idea of success. Success is related to happiness, it is the means of acquiring it. Again, try to ditch the perceived desires of other people, what someone may sniff at could be what you cheer for. Be able to own your own idea of what success looks like to you. Using your idea of happiness to find your idea of success is how we begin to know what to build.

Management Of Failure

So let’s turn the tables. How could this fail? In what way could your ambition fall short? If we understand the success element, we automatically know what failure looks like. It is when our work fails to achieve the desired results. Look at the way you can minimise this. If your work is of good quality and provides real-life value to those around you then any personal failure can be relative to you and not the job itself. If we look at bridge-building once again, a failed bridge doesn’t reach all the way, it might even fall down. Put this concept into your idea and ensure that the minimal impact will occur at any point of failure.

Failure is necessary for learning. In any hands-on journey, we have to try our best. There will be times when we haven’t learned the required information to make our best good enough. Good enough means effective at getting the results you aimed for. We can make the world a better place for everyone else but if ours hasn’t changed in return then we have to learn why that is. Often it’s because we have a conflict of interest or a gap in our knowledge. Failure forces us to face up to this and make amends. If we ignore failure and put faith in the change coming from outside of us then we invite even bigger failures to come.

Be Brave To Be A Beginner

We have to realise that we are new to our journey as it is new to us. Once we have a viable vision that we can work towards, we can start building ourselves. Understanding our strengths and weaknesses will help us to truly define how we can achieve our happiness and success. The way we look at ourselves such as personal opinions and judgements, as well as confidences and anxieties, will directly affect how well we are able to see our own plus and minus sides. Often a minus is a plus in a different direction and vice versa. Being open to this holistic story of our personality gives us a real insight into what we can expect ourselves to achieve in the days and years to follow.

Building on our positive aspects will open up a world of opportunity. How does your particular set of abilities fit into the jigsaw of society and how can you boost your strength so that you stand out in your field? Following some kind of herd and doing the same subjects as the others will only get you so far, becoming a specialist on subjects that you naturally identify with in positive ways can put you in a league above the majority. Identify what you have already learned in order to get what you want out of life and see how these steps have opened up an opportunity. With this same idea, look at what new things you can learn in order to achieve the success you have pictured.

You’re Not Too Cool To Fail

We have all fallen short in the past and for a variety of reasons. When we can accept that we have excuses and reasons for not getting the best out of a situation then we can watch out for it if it starts happening again. Many times we fall short because we’re not rested enough, burning the candle at both ends means it will not stand up. Sometimes we don’t value the results enough to put in the work, try to identify the success story that causes you to enjoy putting in the effort. If you don’t enjoy it then the plan might need to be changed. This is your future, no one else’s.

Plan And Act

Now that you can give serious thought to your character and ability, it will be easier to plan and put into action the building of a better future. Leadership starts from within, these concepts can work for a single person as well as a group of people. Using this basis to design a long-term journey will help you and your group to feel involved, impassioned, and personally invested in the work and the tribulations that will lay ahead.



Rowan Blair Colver

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