Achieving Improvement and Adaptability Through Principled Self-Auditing

Rowan Blair Colver
4 min readMar 14, 2022


Lucid Leadership by Rowan B. Colver

No matter how successful you are, there will always be room for improvement.

The world does not stand still, things change around us all the time. Just because we seemed ideal for the situation yesterday, it has no guarantee that we will be ideal today or tomorrow. When it comes to a successful business, the way we appear or come across to other people is of paramount importance. In usual social settings, we’re normally kind enough to not judge too much, but when we are in a business transaction we are best served by using precision judgements. This means people will look at us and our product from eyes based on scrutiny. A scam radar is constantly searching for reasons not to buy. We have to bypass this by firstly being anything but a scam and secondly by making sure it can’t even look like a scam from any odd angle. We can address the main things people look for and strive to make sure our appearance, service, and products maintain high standards in these areas.

High Self-Esteem Shows Confidence

Liking yourself and what you offer is the first thing people will notice. If you are a rip-off merchant then you’ll likely hate yourself. If you treat people like problems and sink into your own feelings, they’ll wonder what chances there are of your product being any good. Naturally, when we work hard and make something worthwhile, we feel great. We need to shine with this sense of empowerment and confidence so that others instantly know we are believers in what we stand for.

Nervousness and shyness are natural sensations. These need to be combatted by a mindful desire to be confident. If these unhelpful sensations can be compartmentalised while in action, and then let out of the box once you’ve done your best, you’ll find they have a slippery slope if they want to re-establish their immediacy.

Genuine Personality And Genuine Interest

If you’re faking it, people can tell. If not, they’ll find out pretty quickly when you’re put to any slight test. You need to be an active member of the group you’re serving. Knowing about and being passionate about the subject you work with is the best way to show confidence and ability. Keeping it real can sometimes mean you can’t do what you set out to do. There might be a time when you have to take a back seat and learn some more or get a little bit more experience in one or two things. As long as you can remain within your target, the work done to get there is all part of the journey.

Having a genuine personality means that if a customer was to be a ghost in your kitchen, they’d see the same person. Often we put on our airs and graces however the basic person within is the same. If we go to work and act and claim to be a certain way but that’s not true, we can give mixed signals thanks to our subconscious behaviour being outside of our control. Addressing our inner demons is therefore really powerful because once they’ve been vanquished they can’t even manifest behind us.

Suitable Targets

Not getting enough done? Are you asking too much? Notice that something else is doing better than you expected?

What we aim for and achieve depends on not only our ability but also the general flow of the marketplace. Your excellent work may just not fit in and something else is doing better. Always be prepared to adapt and shift in order to maintain the best possible odds of being in the right place at the right time.

Bonding and Friendship

We make the majority of our decisions based on emotions. It’s often fear of being seen as mistaken that drives our decision making. We stay safe by remembering rules of thumb and adhering to popular authority. Unfriendly sources are always discredited. We only do business with people that we feel safe doing business with. Trying to find a common ground between you and the customer, therefore, is important. The way we express ourselves and the way we design our appearances, lay-out, colour-scheme etc. is how we initiate bonding. We have to be aesthetically pleasing and non-abrasive. Customers want most of all to feel that they can take their service or product and feel proud to do so. The last thing they want is for someone to quietly tell them they’ve made a poor choice. We need to make sure that customers can trust us to do what it takes to make them proud.

Value For Money

Value for money comes in various forms. The designer handbag that costs more than a second-hand car may seem expensive but those who march up and down the high street carrying one will say it’s worth it. The cathartic quality and the practical quality go hand in hand. You can’t simply put a high price on everything and sell it as a designer, or we’d all be doing it. Establishing trust and brand security takes time. You also need to be able to instil a sense of fashion and up-market chic if you want to achieve this market value.

To truly ensure something is worth the price is to make sure it comes at the right price, looks good, and that it works. Pricing has to be competitive, unless you are a well established and fashionable name, you have to choose cutting prices that people will accept. Things that break easily or don’t compliment a person’s fashion sense will not be worth anything to them. A reputation for quality and consistency will gradually increase the value of your brand over time.



Rowan Blair Colver

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